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Therapy is a team.

We are Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Therapists, and we all work together with you and your physician to treat your medical and rehabilitation needs.

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Can result in joint pain due to decreased “fluid” between the bony surfaces.  Physical Therapy can help with exercises, stretching and manual techniques that alleviate pain and inflammation at the joint.

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Osteoporosis / Osteoarthritis

Decreased bone density is a risk for bone fractures when there is an impact force.  Weight bearing exercises provided by skilled therapists strengthen and improve bone density and decrease the risk for fractures.


Shoulder Dysfunction

Lifting a gallon of milk, brushing your hair, getting dressed – these are a small sample of activities throughout the day that can be affected by shoulder dysfunction.  A comprehensive evaluation can target the specific cause and develop a plan to rehabilitate and heal the cause of pain.



Like fingerprints, no two strokes are the same.  Discovering the precise impairments and causes lead to the creation of a detailed treatment plan by our skilled therapists.  Through a wide variety of evidence based methods we help patients achieve their goals.


Parkinson’s Disease

Countless research studies have shown that various methods of therapy can help people with Parkinson’s.  Shuffling gait and difficulty getting dressed are two examples of symptoms that therapy can help improve.


Home Safety / Device Management

Physical therapy might help you with assistive devices that allow you to maintain your mobility.  Proper usage of a cane or other walking device to help you coordinate your movements and retrain your body’s position to moving in the right direction is one example of therapy,

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ADL Training

Occupational and Physical therapists assist their clients in engaging in meaningful and purposeful daily tasks.  Working together to increase your strength and agility to help you return to your normal lifestyle. 


Balance impairment

Balance impairment is a direct contributor to a risk for falls.  Research has proven that specific balance programs and exercises provided by therapists can significantly decrease the risk for falls by improving balance.


Hip dysfunction

Hip dysfunction and pain can significantly decrease mobility and present a challenge with simple activities such as walking or going up steps.  Therapy can help target and alleviate many of these issues while teaching new ways to move around comfortably with decreased pain.

back pain

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common complaints in the medical world.  A detailed evaluation can lead to exercises and cues for postural awareness that help ease the pain by targeting the specific underlying issue.


Swallowing Difficulty

Challenges that involve swallowing need to be addressed due to the risk of choking.  Skilled therapists can assist in setting benchmarks for liquid thickness and learning proper swallowing techniques that strengthen involved muscles.


Fall Prevention

Physical therapy can help increase fall prevention.  Our treatment plan may include balance training, walking and moving, strength training, endurance training, fear management and education. 

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General Deconditioning

Physical Therapy can help strengthen weak muscles and increase mobility.  It can also improve endurance so that patients can enjoy physical hobbies like gardening or golf for longer periods of time.

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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Physical therapists work as members of the cardiac rehab team helping to evaluate cardiac function, assess impairments that may limit your mobility and prescribe progressive exercises and physical activity to help you return to your normal lifestyle after a cardiac event.

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